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Sumona Chakravarty
Bade Achche Lagte Hai’, says actress Sumona Chakravarti about her college days
I made my debut in films at the age of 10 in a movie called ‘Mann’ (Aamir Khan). I did several and I am currently known for my role as Natasha Kapoor in the Sony show ‘Bade Achche Lagte Hai’.

I attended Jai Hind College, Mumbai right after my schooling that is the 10th grade. The years 2004 to 2009, which I spent in this college, were the five best years of my life. I took up Arts in my 11th and 12th; and did my Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Economics.

I have been very lucky to have some of the best professors, be it in school or college. Studies and fun would go hand in hand. I am in touch with a few of my professors even today. They were not just teachers, but each one of them was my friend, philosopher and guide. Some of the best teachers I have had are from my college and I miss them and their classes dearly.

Being an arts student, all our lectures were theoretical. So as not to make our lectures boring, we used to indulge in a lot of debates and discussions. There were times when there would be heated arguments; it would be so much fun with such high energy in the classes.  

I have no professional training in acting. I used to be a part of drama in school and college. I was a very fair and chubby kid. So a lot of people asked my mom to put me in ad films. Slowly and steadily over the years, I knew what is it that I’m going to do with my life.

The friends that I made in college are my friends for life. Being arts students we hardly had any guys in our group. It was a big girly gang: Prerna, Shreya, Vedanta, Meeti, Siddiqua, Aahana, Ruchika, Aparajeeta, Vanessa, Gulistaan and just two boys Ashai and Sumed. We had a blast.

We indulged in all kinds of fun, and sometimes got into some simple trouble. We were a bunch of wild people doing things randomly, on impulse. Especially because my college is on Marine Drive, we have embarrassed people on the road and how! Being a bunch of brats, we would embarrass other people all the time. Touch wood, I have never had an embarrassing moment in college.

All of us were born foodies; we would practically be hungry all the time. Our favourite place inside college was our canteen. Our favourite dishes were Mysore masala dosa with one Maaza. For five years I ate just that. Yummm… I can eat it for another five years, I am sure. We have spent most of our time outside college, chilling on ‘A’ road, at Mocha and Gaylords. 

We would go shopping at Colaba Causeway and watch movies at Eros, in the stalls, that too. By late evening we would be either at Mondys or our favorite place Leopold. 

Most of my friends were townies, but some of us were suburbians from Andheri and Bandra, traveling by local trains every day. We can write a book on the kind of experiences we all have had right from the good to ugly. 

My college was situated on ‘A’ road, which is a residential area. Due to lack of space, it is a block structure and nothing fancy or architectural about it. It was a very simple, off white bldg, simple classrooms facing either the ‘A’ road or Marine Drive. During monsoons, everybody would daydream looking out at Marine Drive, while it was pouring like cats and dogs. 

Even though at that time I was still a little shy girl, my first day was actually quite good. I had heard about the ragging that goes on in college. But nothing of that sort happened. I remember the moment I walked inside the campus I could see smiling and laughing faces. I got a very warm vibe. 

There was no restriction on dressing, which was a relief. We wore shorts, ‘ganjis’ and carried a jhola. No fancy handbags for us in those days. That was my attire for five years Jai Hind is a very cosmopolitan college, with a mix of all kinds of people. These were the very things that I observed on my first day and fell in love with my college. 

I started working from a very young age. I used to act even while I was in college. All my friends would tease me. They all nick named me ‘Superstar’. Till date, if there is any article on me, I get a ping on  BBM or on Facebook saying ‘Superstar’. The amount of publicity my friends would do telling anyone and everyone about me, was actually ridiculously funny. They definitely helped me get famous at least in college.

There are pros and cons in every field. The creative satisfaction that I get being an actor cannot be described in words. I meet all kinds of people on an everyday basis; have so many types of experiences and this has broadened my horizon in all aspects. 

The only dissatisfaction that can arise is having very little time for family and friends and ‘Me’ time gets reduced.

A word of advice: Education is the most important chapter in your life. Do not give up on education, as it helps you carve your own individuality and it is your ‘core foundation’.  Along your journey in this entertainment world, at every point you will realise the importance of your education. It is something that one experiences and cannot be described. From education, patience, virtue, being grounded, focused, etc will all follow automatically. 

Education plays a very important role in carving the individuality of a person. Education speaks a lot of one’s upbringing, thought process. It is the core foundation of a human being. The person that I am today, the positive outlook that I have in life, my independence, everything is because of the best gift my parents gave me – my education.

(As told to Monarose Sheila Pereira)


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